Forgotten Secrets of Natural Conception – How your Mind affects your Fertility !

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Learn from your Baby & Trust Yourself

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Mother and Baby

What makes a mother special?

Babies don’t only cry after their mums because they are hungry or tired. Mother regulates the baby’s heart rate and blood pressure. The baby’s muscular activity and her growth hormone levels are regulated by her mothers touch, and it all happens through feeding.When babies are born, they are craving their… Continue reading →


Balanced Parenting

You snap

You get angry

You feel guilty.

You love

You care

You give

You run away (but you’re the happiest when you’re back).

You give up

You cry

You ask

You beg

You swear

You doubt yourself

You fear

You worry

You forgive

You love

You care

You’re a… Continue reading →


How do you know when you’re ovulating?

 How do you know when you’re ovulating?


Did you know that until the 1980s, fertility signs (indicators your body gives you to reveal the time when you are most likely to conceive) were not very well understood, even by doctors? After that decade, awareness and research grew and researchers… Continue reading →


Free Yourself from your Mind

What does it mean ‘Living in the moment?’

I thought the following might give you something to think about.

Honour the present moment, give it your full attention and don’t waste time thinking about the past.  The joy of being is hard to master. It requires attention, discipline and practise.… Continue reading →